Car treatment process involves several stages.

  • Option N1. Treatment starts at 14.00. On the same day we wash the bottom of the car and leave it in a guarded box to dry. At 14-16 o'clock the next day the process is finished.
  • Option N2. Treatment starts at 9.00. The treatment is finished by 17.00-19.00.

1. Wash of underbody and wheel housing.
2. After car is prepared, treatment with inhibitor “Formula 3000” begins:— on lift unit: underbody, transmission and running gear;
— wheel housing;
— inside door, sills, bonnet and luggage compartment chambers;
— engine compartment;
— door mechanisms of window regulators and locks, hinges, petrol cap, wiper drives and mirror actuators;
— all accessible electrical wiring elements, contact joint sensors, electric generator, car battery contacts, fuse block, ignition system distribution block, elements of lighting system;
— for the purpose of prevention, parts which contain rubber elements are treated (silent blocks, dust caps and other rubber-metal items).
“Formula 3000” agent is applied by spraying under the gun ensuring that all furthest elements are also treated. “Formula 3000” features an exceptional adhesion to metal, so it can be applied even on wet surfaces, and the result will still be the same — all surfaces get covered with thin transparent layer of substance, which will not dry, crack, be washed away, and stay unaffected by mechanical weаr.
3. Next, door sealing rubber is treated with silicone (Silikon). Your car is ready.

 After treatment at the Corrosion Free centre:
— car is corrosion-protected and there is no fear of road reagents;
— reliability of electric equipment work will increase, especially, in rainy weather;
— car engine will be easier started and work in cold weather and high humidity conditions;
— probability of door locks freezing is eliminated;
— a number of unexpected failures and a need to turn to car service will decrease;
— lifetime of aggregates and entire car will rise;
— a number of squeaks will reduce;
— dirt will stick to underbody less and snow will freeze over less.
This is how the complex preventive service of private and commercial vehicles has been performed since the year of 1986 года in Canada and the USA. This technology long ago became popular among car owners in Canada, the USA, and now it is also available in Estonia.